Business processes become more and more specific and dynamic. The associate demand for IT- solutions is changing, too. Static and wide spread mass products are no longer able to meet the new needs. Therefore, itServe offers Software that is based on a general structure but nevertheless can be turned into an individual solution easily. Our products propose efficient solutions to extensive problems!

f2d - form to dialogue

Working with forms means a lot of paperwork. And paperwork means a waste of money and time. That's why we say: leave the old-fashioned bureaucracy with its unidimensinal channels of information behind you - the future belongs to the dialogue!

This is the intention of f2d (form to dialogue): thanks to our product, your client will be able to communicate with you everywhere and every time. f2d allows you to integrate in your business process every information or message you get - and that in a direct and structured way. Thereby, your administration becomes less expensive and much faster!

f2d fits for human to machine (H2M) as well as for machine to machine (M2M) environments. In the first case, f2d works through a browser-based web-application, in the second through web services or simple HTTPS-requests.

STEP (Service Transmission End Point)

"itServe builds standard solutions for standards"

With STEP (Service Transmission End Point), itServe has implemented a solution for linking receivers to the Swissdec distributor. The following objectives and features are essential:

Many years of experience in the area of ​​standardization, complex and extensive processes with their data models, internet and security makes it possible for us to build a technically and professionally high-standing product.

Multiple installations showed: