Who We Are

itServe was founded in 1996. During the troublesome rise and fall of the so-called "new" economy, we always remained faithful to our values: sustainability and balanced growth. It turned out to be the right way: as a software company, itServe offers high-quality solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers. If you want to learn more about our work, we are glad to inform you directly.

Our Vision

IT became one of the most important production factors for many companies. But only those able to handle the information - internal as well as B2B - in an efficient way, will be present on tomorrow's markets.

Efficient IT-Systems are always based on a well-founded and complete approach. In this approach, man, technology and concept appear as linked elements of a network. It is exactly this network with all its flows and effects which remains as a central element of the future solution. itServe is part of this network. As an experienced team, we use our own knowledge and the close cooperation with our customers to solve their problems in an efficient way. The knowhow we have concerning process management as well as hightech software, makes it happen. together with our customers, we develop complete and all-embracing concepts.

In a world of increasing specification, itServe will still deliver a universal point of view!